The Morning Cloud is Empty

The Morning Cloud is Empty

Release Date: March 1, 2023.

'The Morning Cloud is Empty' is an exploration of the inner world of man, emotions, and the heart. It explores climate crisis and human crisis.

The poet laid bare his varying musings with sharp and deliberate words; lines peppered with poetic riches. The themes explored by the poems in this collection are many, but one thing ties them together—and that's the poet’s intuitive ability to vividly dissect each idea.

The poet keeps proving himself capable of donning many hats, but if there's one thing that's exceptional about this collection, it's the simple but astute use of language.

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi has written nineteen previous books, including
A Booktiful Love, which won the poetry category at the Best Indie Book Award; andInferno of Silence, which won the short story category in the Indie Reader Discovery Awards.