Author Blurb

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is an exquisite poet who writes with powerful charisma and sensual flair. ― Realistic Poetry


Akinyemi's poetry is a sure-fire must-read. ― The US review of Books


Readers will find Akinyemi’s reflections on significant life issues completely relevant, sharply logical, and deeply felt. ― The Prairies Book Review


Akinyemi is a visionary poet with a fearless voice, and his poems provide a deep sense of everyday life seen through an eyewitness’s eyes. ― The Prairies Book Review


In a society where moral rectitude is increasingly becoming abeyant, Akinyemi’s bounden duty is to reawaken it with verses. He, thus, functions as a philosopher-poet, a kind of factotum inculcating wisdom in different facets of life. ― The Sun 


Akinyemi's ability to advocate for mental health by evoking emotions through potent imagery, metaphors, and stunning similes is unparalleled. ― The US review of Books



Tolu is a splendid writer. His books are always a joy to read. Keen as the edge of a sword and soothing as the feather of a bird. His works are amazing. ― Oloyede Michael Taiwo, author of ‘Lagos is Killing Me’


Tolu A. Akinyemi's life experiences, provide important lessons on better living in a digestible form that poetry readers will find inspirational and clear. ―  Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Akinyemi’s writing never fails to wow. ― Titilade Oyemade, Business Day NG

Akinyemi’s poetry collection “Everybody Don Kolomental” resonated with my students on a profound level, sparking thoughtful discussions on the importance of mental health, empathy, and understanding. ― Professor Kingsley O. Akhigbe, Professor of Psychiatry/Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Mental Health, University of Benin/Teaching Hospital.